How To Boost Your List Growth By 785% In 1 Day: Strategies And Tools To Get It Done!

Do you want more traffic? Social shares? Buyers? Evangelists?

If you are trying to grow a business or your personal brand the answer is simple.


To reach these goals it’s crucial to focus on growing your email list.

An active list is a direct line of communication to your most loyal fans.

Your list can help you promote new content, test new products and services, and create repeat customers.

But how do you do it?

Maybe you’ve read lists with really great sounding tips, but how to do actually put those tips into action?

It’s time to cut through the fluff and learn in-depth, actionable list building techniques.

Beyond that, it’s time to learn how to put those strategies to use quickly.

In this article you will learn proven, real-world strategies by looking at case studies and examples.  This is a no fluff zone.

Additionally, you’ll learn the top tools that will make your list building efforts much easier.

Skyrocket Your List Growth With Real Examples

Below you’ll find actionable list building strategies all backed by case studies, examples, data, and expert experience.

23 Data-Backed List Building Strategies From Top Experts –

Personally, I’ve always looked to two things when choosing which strategies to follow.  What are the experts doing on their own sites, and what does the data show?  I put together this post with 23 real case studies to show you actionable strategies to improve your list building results.  Check it out!

How To Increase Your Conversion Rate By 785% In One Day –

When Brian Dean shared this case study on his results using the “Content Upgrade” method, the online marketing world went bananas.  He teaches people how to create post specific bonuses that entice people to sign up.  This method increased Brian’s own conversion rate by 785% in one day! I now use this same strategy, and it works wonders.  In the tool comparison below I’ll show you the easiest way to get it done!

How One Site Grew Their Email List 158% Faster In One Month –

Aweber is a reputable email service provider, but what you may not know is that they regularly share incredibly insightful data and case studies on their blog.  This one shows how QualityStocks increased their About page subscriber growth rate by 158% in one month.  Their secret sauce? Adding a simple overlay form.  Keep reading below to learn how to quickly add your own unobtrusive overlay.

If you know of a great list building example or case study that should be added here, let me know about it in the comments below!

2 List Building Plugins That Make List Building Easy


Thrive Leads hasn’t even been launched yet.  However, I’m so excited about it that I wanted to mention it here anyway.

It’s been created by the same team that made Hybrid Connect, Thrive Themes, and Viral Quiz Pro.  These guys know how to make a high quality tool.

I currently use Hybrid Connect on this site, and will switch to Thrive Leads once it’s released (which is happening very soon).

The great thing about Hybrid is that it has the most advanced customization options in the industry.  You can change anything you want and quickly create forms match your design.

It comes packed with the most sophisticated features, including exit intent, overlays, and 2-step optins.

The only knock on Hybrid is that it can have a slight impact on your site’s load speed because of all the advanced features it comes with.

After talking with Shane of Thrive he’s assured me that this has been a huge point of emphasis in the development of Thrive Leads.

You will be getting a next level plugin that takes all the great parts of Hybrid and mashes it with incredible performance.

Like I mentioned, it’s not for sale quite yet.  That said, if you use the button below you can get notified as soon as it’s released.

If you can wait a week or two to step up to a premium list building plugin, I’d recommend checking it out!

Thrive Leads Features:

  • 2-step optins, sidebar widgets, footer forms, overlays, in-content forms, etc.
  • Exit intent technology (catch your visitors attention as they are ready to leave)
  • Enhanced speed and performance
  • Full customization (the most advanced form builder around)
  • Full a/b testing with statistics
  • Post/page specific optin forms (for delivering content upgrades)
  • Fully responsive
  • Top notch support! (Thrive has a dedicated support team that is really on top of answering any questions)

This will be a great choice to quickly implement the content upgrade method like Brian Dean, and also to add overlays similar to the Aweber example.  Using a premium tool like this one will cut down on the time and headaches of custom coding.

I’ve been there, and this way is much faster!



OptinMonster is another great plugin that’s been out for a few years (with plenty of updates).

This is the one that many professional bloggers use to build their email lists, because it works well, loads fast, and is easy to setup.

It comes packed with many of the same features that Thrive will have (though it doesn’t have quite as many customization possibilities).

What it does have is blazing fast load times.

This is due to it’s modular functionality.  Each main feature is coded in a separate module, so it only loads what you are actually using.

Many of the pro bloggers I know chose OptinMonster over Hybrid because of the faster load times, even though Hybrid had more features.

If you want a fast, professional list building plugin that’s ready today, this is the right choice.

OptinMonster Features:

  • Modular architecture (makes load speed incredibly fast)
  • Exit intent technology (reengage users as they are about to leave)
  • Overlays, 2-step optin, in-content forms, sidebar widgets, shortcodes, etc.
  • Fully responsive
  • Post/page specific optin forms (for delivering content upgrades)
  • Full a/b testing
  • Form analytics (see views, clicks, and conversions)

Similar to Thrive Leads, OptinMonster will help you quickly add overlays and post specific content upgrades.  Boost that conversion rate overnight!

Given that OptinMonster is one of the top choices for professional bloggers, it does come at a bit of a premium.  You’ll also need to pay a yearly fee for updates and support.

That said, it’s really not that expensive considering how important list building is to the success of online businesses.

So what does it cost?

  • Basic license: $49/Year (1 site, doesn’t come with exit intent)
  • Plus license: $99/Year (3 sites, doesn’t come with exit intent)
  • Pro license: $199/Year (Unlimited sites, comes with all features)


Time To Take Action

You know how important list building is to the success of your business.

Use the strategies learned from the shared case studies, implement a list building plugin, and start collecting more subscribers.  It’s that simple.

I’d love to hear about your experience with these tools, and let me know if there are any you think I should add.

If you have any other questions or comments, I can’t wait to help!


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