How To Gain Links and Traffic Through Influencer Based Content Repurposing

Welcome! First, I’m going to cover the general method we’ll use to gain more links and traffic.  Next, I’ll cover 8 actionable strategies you can start implementing now.

Content marketing has been all the rage lately, and for good reason. It provides businesses with a natural way to add value to their industry while creating shareable assets for themselves.

The challenge with content marketing is that it takes a lot of time to do well. You first have to conduct research to determine the best type of content to create. After spending the time to create the content, you have to market it within your industry using a wide range of tactics.

Content Repurposing For The Win!

In order to make content marketing more efficient, some smart marketers have started to repurpose their best pieces of content into different mediums. You turn a post into a slideshow or video. Make a podcast out of a video. There are multiple ways to reuse your best content to reach new audiences.

There is a fantastic guide to content repurposing over at Ana Hoffman’s incredible site,

Now that you know the benefits of content repurposing and have some ideas for your own content, it’s time to take this strategy into overdrive.

Drafting Off of Niche Influencer’s Popularity

In running there is a strategy called drafting where you run just behind the leader in order for them to break through the oncoming wind. This saves up some of your energy and allows you to excel.

We can use this same idea when repurposing content. In addition to repurposing your own successful articles, you can repurpose popular articles that the niche influencers have produced. That way, you create content that you already know has the potential to be popular. You aren’t throwing ideas out there and hoping they catch.

Someone might ask whether this sort of tactic would annoy those influencers. The answer is no! Not as long as you do it in the right way.

In fact, this can become an incredible way to connect with the authorities in your niche and build a relationship. When it comes to content based sites, it’s usually best to work together. It’s also a lot more fun!

Strategy Overview

After this overview of the authority based content repurposing strategy, I’ll cover specific examples of how you can implement this on your site.

1. Research the top content on your most influential competitor’s sites

If you aren’t sure how to find your competitors check out the guide to niche research for tools and examples.

You are looking for a couple of key characteristics in this content.

  • Should be widely shared across social media

Most of these sites will show their social sharing statistics right on the article page. You are looking for an article that went viral. You can identify these by comparing the total number of shares to other articles created on the site. More is better.

  • Should be the type of content that can easily be transformed into a different medium

This part is key. If the content is a personal story, it’s most likely not a good candidate for this strategy. You are looking for something more generic (advice, strategies, guides, etc.). Think about how you could transform their content.

2. After finding content, it’s time to do your magic

First, think about what other mediums would work well. If it’s an article, would the content do well as a video? If it’s a video, can you make it into a podcast? Video to slideshow? There are many possibilities.

After you choose how you will repurpose their content, be sure to add your own twist. If it’s a top 10 list, can you add your own commentary about each item? Maybe it’s an incredible sounding strategy post, can you put it to the test in a case study? Think about how you can take their ideas and make them your own.

3. Reach out to the influencer and let them know

This is the most important step in the process. It’s how you will build backlinks and traffic to your site!

Be sure you have already included a link to their content in your own post before reaching out. You aren’t trying to sneak something by, you are adding value. It’s perfectly OK (and encouraged) to share your source of inspiration.

Just let them know that you loved their original article/video/podcast, and that you thought your audience would benefit from seeing it in an additional form. Add in that you did include some of your own ideas and analysis. Share the link to your new content, and let them know that they are free to share it with their own audience if they think it would be valuable.

Quick note here: the idea of finding popular content and creating your own version is not new. The special addition we are using here is repurposing that content into a new type. This adds unique value and gives you a reason to reach out to the influencer, without it coming across like you are just paraphrasing their ideas.

If all you do is take their article, and write your own version of it, you haven’t given them that much incentive to link to you or share with their audience. The strategy here is much more powerful, and provides a much greater chance of getting links and traffic.

Let’s Get Some Examples

Here I’m going to show 8 specific examples of how you can implement authoritative based content repurposing for your site.

1. Slideshow from Top XX type posts

Best of or Top XX posts are prime for a slideshow version. Simply create a new slide from each bullet point, add some incredible pictures, and you have a great new piece of content to share.

Once you create the slideshow, post it to your site with a link back to the original content. Add your own analysis for each point and you’ll have a solid post.

Next, reach out to the influencer that inspired the slideshow and let them know about it, as described above.

One pro tip is to start building a relationship with them before reaching out about your new slideshow. You can start a conversion on one of the social networks, and just get them familiar with you.

That tip really goes for each example in this article. It’s always smart to have the seeds of a relationship planted before trying to get links or shares.

In addition to reaching out to the influencer about your content repurposing, you can promote your new content just as you would any other content you produce. Share it on social media, use your normal link building strategies, etc.

A benefit to creating a slideshow is that you can also share them on slideshow websites. You shouldn’t necessarily care about whether this will help your seo (most of these will provide nofollow links). This is more about generating awareness and trickling in traffic over time. Here are some to check out:

2. Case study video from a strategy post

If you find a strategy, how-to, do-it-yourself, or other action type post you can transform these into a helpful example video. Implement the strategy as a case study. Make videos showing each step in the process.

Once again, once you create the video and post it on your site, let the influencer know about it. Many of them will think it’s great that you’ve added a very useful example of what they have described. This gets links and social shares.

Just as with the slideshow, you can go out to popular video sharing sites and share our video there. Some of the more popular sites include:

3. Video giving your own analysis of an opinion type piece

This is one of my personal favorites. Find a popular opinion piece by one of the influencers in your niche. Have they said something controversial?

You don’t have to disagree with them in your video response. If you agree, that’s fine, add some additional analysis and give your own view.

Let them know that you thought their opinion was interesting and decided to respond. This isn’t strictly a content repurposing strategy. However, it is finding an opinion that went viral, changing the format, and giving your response. This will be seen and unique and valuable, which is a great way to build a relationship with that influencer.

4. Transcribe a popular video

For this strategy, you find a popular video and transcribe it. Then clean up the transcription, add some photos, and post it on your site.

This is great because it adds another way for your audience to consume that content.

I’d recommend reaching out to the creator of the video before taking the time to transcribe it. While most people will be happy to have you do it, as long as you link back to them, some will not. You don’t want to run into a situation where they claim copyright. Easy to resolve, just ask first in email.

Thanks goes out to Kaiser the Sage for this tip in his great post about link building strategies. The only thing I’d note is that he doesn’t mention asking for permission before using this strategy, which I think is a safer way to go.

5. Expert roundup about controversial influencer content

This is another strategy that isn’t strictly repurposing in the sense of transferring the content to a new medium. Rather, you are creating an expert roundup post to gather opinions on a controversial subject. I consider this opinion expansion. If you find an interesting opinion by one influencer, why not reach out to other influencers to see what they think. You can include the originator’s opinion as well.

Once you have created your expert roundup, reach out to all of the experts that responded and let them know. They will very likely give you a share and potentially a link. Let the original author know that they inspired the piece, and they will be even more likely to link to it. This is a great way to build relationships.

One way to get this into the realm of repurposing is to try to collect video or audio of the experts responding. If you can make it easy for them to submit a webcam response or audio, this can create a very interesting and shareable piece of content.

One great tool to allow experts to give an audio opinion is Speakpipe. I saw this on Pat Flynn’s excellent blog,, and it works very well.

Create a page on your site specifically for collecting these opinions. You don’t have to link to it from your main site. Just send this out to them when you are ready to go, and it will make it easy for them to respond.

6. Analyze breaking industry news

Another way to find great content to repurpose is by keeping tab on the news sources within your industry. You can find recent news stories by searching Google with their news filter turned on. Then just input your niche’s main keywords and see what’s out there.

If you can find a piece of news that is being widely discussed, and has a lot of views and comments, you’ve found yourself a winner. Now, repurpose that news story by sharing your opinion with a video or podcast. You can write up a post and embed the audio/video there.

Once you’ve written that up, go back to the news story and leave a comment sharing your opinion. Mention that you’ve gone into more detail over on your site, and leave a link if allowed. This is a great way to drive traffic and get a relevant link.

If the news was broken by a high authority blog, reach out and let them know you’re sharing your detailed analysis/opinion on your site. You may get a link, or at least a social share. Worst case, you’ve introduced yourself to one of the top sites in your industry, and the seed is planted.

7. Repurpose the roundup

Roundups are already a familiar way to build that relationship with others in your niche. One thing that can separate your roundup from all the others is to create yours as a podcast or video.

Include all the links to the best content, like usual, but then add that video/podcast in there as an alternative way for your audience to digest the content. Rather than giving them one or two sentences briefing what to expect when they click the link, how about giving them your detailed analysis or opinion of the topic?

That’s the type of roundup likely to attract more links. You are providing a more beneficial experience to your users, and giving those influencers you link to more reason to share.

8. Create an infographic based on popular content

Infographics are all the rage right now, and for good reason. They compile numbers and statistics in an easy to digest format. They also just look cool. This leads to lots of shares and links.

I’m sure you’re getting the idea now. Once you create the infographic (based off of statistics/numbers shared by an influencer), reach out, and let them know.

When you post your infographic on your site be sure to add some embeddable code below it. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to link back to you.

Then share that awesome content all over social media. In addition, you can share it on the following infographic sites:

While posting your infographic to these sites could benefit your seo, the real benefit is getting your brand out there. You are hoping that it gets picked up and shared on an industry specific site. Note that most of these infographic sites have nofollow links, which works to make your backlink profile look more natural.

Additional link building

While grabbing links and traffic from influencers with your repurposed traffic is great, it’s just the start. Now it’s time to take this method another level.

First, you’ll want to go back to the original content that inspired your version. Next, input that URL into a backlink checker to uncover who has linked to that influencer’s content.

The backlink checkers I like to use are: Ahrefs and Open site Explorer.

Simply head over to Ahrefs and input the url for the original post.  Then, under Inbound Links on the left, click on the Referring Domains link.  This will show you all of the backlinks for that article.


Once you have a list of all the backlinks for that content, go to each of those sites and search for the contact information. The goal is to let the site owner know that you’ve created a new version of the content they have already linked to. They are likely to link to your content if they think the alternative method of delivery would be valuable to their users.

Here’s an example of an email you could send:

[alert variation=”alert-warning”]Hey [name], Great site!

I really loved your post [title of post that links to the influencer’s content].

I noticed that you linked out to [Influencer’s Content]. I agree that it’s an incredible [post/video/etc.].

That content inspired me to create a [type of your new content] version for my own users. Figured your audience might appreciate the alternative delivery as well.

Just wanted to let you know in case you think it would be valuable to include in your post, or share with your audience.

Either way, keep up the great work on your site! I’ll definitely be adding it to my favorites.


[Your name][/alert]

A Note about Link Building

One thing I’ve included through this post is sources for sharing each of your unique pieces of content. Before heading out and blasting your infographic, video, or slideshow all over the sharing sites, consider each sites popularity and use. With these links you aren’t really worried about building seo value. Rather, you are hoping to get your content in front of others in your niche.

I included all of these, because I think it’s important to know the popular sites out there. However, I’d recommend just focusing on a few main sites for each content type.

Look at the demographics for each sharing site using tools like Quantcast and Compete. Then just focus on the ones where your site’s demographic is likely to see your content.

More Strategies

Here are a couple of great content creation articles I’ve read lately.  Definitely check these out as well:

Why You Should Steal Content – Jeff Bullas

This is a great piece about the general mindset of content creation.  Jeff obviously uses the term stealing here as a buzz word.  You can’t just take people’s work.  However, you can and should become inspired by what is already out there, and use it to your advantage.

16 Explosive Content Promotion Strategies – Robbie Richards

Now that you’ve learned how to repurpose content from the top influencer’s in your niche, check out Robbie’s article to learn even more methods to get that new content bringing in links and traffic.


I hope you’ve learned some new tactics in regards to finding new sources for content creation, link building, and traffic.

I’m sure that some of you have your own unique methods of content repurposing. I’d love to hear about it in the comments! As always, if anything is unclear, or you have questions, let me know. I’m happy to help out in any way.



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Ana Hoffman

Great ideas on content repurposing, David – as you probably know, I’ve used several of them myself (particularly creating Slideshare presentations with other bloggers’ content) and they do work very well.

Great way to put a fresh spin on a not-so-new idea!

Ana Hoffman

PS Would’ve love to share the post, but couldn’t find any sharing buttons…

David (

Good to know that it is not obvious. The share buttons are actually in the bar right above the headline (on the right).

I’ll take a look at implementing a sticky share bar that follows on the left side!


David (

Thanks for commenting Ana! I’ve learned so much from your blog, you always produce great content.

My goal was to show a way to take the proven concept of repurposing one’s own content, and apply it to linkbuilding and growing relationships.

Your initial post was what opened my eyes to the repurposing idea in general, and then I just thought of a different way to use it…though I’m sure I’m not the first one 🙂