What Will You Learn From This Site?

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My story

I’m David Arrington. Currently, I live in Seattle, Washington. For the last six years I’ve made my full time living building a variety of online businesses.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in business. Back in 6th grade I used to make extra cash selling candy from Costco to the other kids around school.

As soon as I got a computer I was hooked. After school I would head home to hop online. Over time, I began to learn about ways to earn money online.

Around 10th grade I became one of the first affiliates for a major online travel company, back when they were paying people for clicks to their site. This earned me a solid amount for a high school kid, but what it really did was show me the power of earning online.

Fast forward to today and I’ve successfully founded several online businesses using a variety of strategies.

Some examples:

  • A shopping comparison site attracting a million visitors per month
  • A market research lead generation company producing 6,000 new panelists per day
  • Built an ecommerce site in the health niche with a content based membership area – this one ended up being a learning experience because of a falling out between two of the other partners
  • Built several information based products as a merchant, and attracted affiliates to drive sales
  • Worked on the affiliate side to generate large lead/sales volume for a variety of different companies
  • And now I’ve built this blog 😎

As you can see, my experience is quite broad. My work has encompassed a variety of niches and multiple sides of the online business world. I’ve had several successes (and my share of learning experiences – you only fail if you quit).

I love online business

The theme that entwines itself through all of my experiences is that I have a deep passion for online business. I love researching and implementing new strategies and business ideas.

In addition, I really enjoy connecting with new people. Over the past few years, I’ve been working alone a lot and I wanted a way to interact more with other people in this industry.

After thinking about ways to generate more community online, I decided that helping people build successful businesses would accomplish that goal. This blog was born.

One of my mantras is that I’ll only share strategies that will help you build a sustainable business. If you are going to work hard, build something that lasts. Add real value. Be smart with your marketing, but don’t take shortcuts that will come back to bite you. Follow me and succeed for the long term.

I can’t wait to share this new adventure with you!

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