350 Digital Marketing Case Studies And Examples

When I started building my first online business there were so many unknowns.How do I create products that people want to buy? How to drive traffic? Build a list? Increase conversions? Generate more profit?

These are just some of the skills required for the soloprenuer looking to start and grow a profitable website.

Below you’ll find a growing collection of online marketing and profit growth case studies that you can follow for success.

Let’s do this!


Search is still one of the highest converting traffic sources around. It’s going to be an important part of a complete online marketing plan for the foreseeable future.

Learn how to leverage this incredible source of free visitors with the in-depth case studies below.

Although search algorithms are continuously changing, a site’s link profile remains one of the most important factors.

The case studies below will help you become a link building ninja, by learning from those who have done it before.

These aren’t theoretical ideas or vague strategy articles. Instead, you’ll find real examples of how people have grown their sites through effective link building.

Social Media

Learning to grow an engaged community on the various social media platforms is becoming increasingly important to improving user engagement, influencer outreach, content marketing, and site traffic.

This section focuses on multiple platforms, followed by sections dedicated to Facebook and Twitter.


Twitter is one of the most popular social networks around, and it can be used to send major traffic to your site. Use these case studies to learn how to grow your following. Then turn that following into a massive traffic swarm.


Facebook is another social network that deserves its own section. If you are looking to get more out of Facebook, take a look at the examples below!

While free traffic is the Holy Grail (and the case studies found on this page can help you find it), it’s often nice to get instant results. Paid traffic allows you to get feedback immediately. The examples below will help you master the art of traffic buying.

Conversion Optimization

Learning how to improve conversion rates doesn’t have to be mysterious. It’s just a methodical process that requires continuous testing. Every site and niche can respond differently to the same tweak, so take these examples as guidelines rather than rules. That said, there are some long standing methodologies that work across industries. Learn from the examples below, and adjust for your audience.

Email Marketing

Once you’ve learned to grow your email list, take a look at the case studies below. You’ll learn how to effectively promote your content, products, and services to that list. Learn to maximize profits.


Blogging has been around for over a decade, but its corporate popularity has only begun to grow lately. Not only can you learn to make a full-time income from blogging, you can also learn how to use a blog to support your main products and services. Whatever your blogging goals, take a look at the in-depth case studies below.

Content marketing is a natural extension to the blogging case studies above. To effectively promote your blog, you’ll need to learn how to promote the content you create. That’s where the content marketing examples below come into play.

Influencer Outreach

Networking with the influencers in your niche is one of the key factors that will propel your company to success. These are the people who will share your content and products with the world. Conducting proper influencer outreach is the key to building this network. Check out the case studies below to learn how to gain attention (and what to avoid).

Niche Sites

Niche site case studies are always a great read. You’ll often watch as someone builds up a profitable site from scratch. Check out the examples below to learn how multiple online marketing skills come together to create profitable sites.

Membership Sites

Creating membership sites can be incredibly profitable if done right. You get the advantage of predictable, recurring income. Plus, you have the ability to improve your product and conversion rates over time. These case studies will help you get a jump start.


The following case studies didn’t fit cleanly in the other sections. Take a look through the titles as there are a ton of valuable examples here.

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