Boost Social Engagement By 160% With These Two Words (infographic is below)…

This excellent infographic (included below) created by Dan Zarrela of Hubspot shows the engagement boost created by including calls to action within your social media messages. Across blogging, Twitter, and Facebook there is a clear correlation between action words and user engagement. By the way, if you don’t think the cow picture above fits this post, just consider how engaged they look… 🙂

Alright, here we go..

Blog Engagement:

Including the word “comment” boosts comments by over 1% above the site average. Whereas, neglecting to include that one word actually lowers the comment rate by 3% below site average. That’s an easy win for including one word!

What’s even more interesting is that the word “comment” actually increases views and links for that post as well. This could be because a post with more comments is seen as more valuable, thereby attracting more links and views.

Similarly, including the word “link” drastically boosts up the amount of links a post receives compared to site average. It also has a minor positive correlation with other engagement metrics.

Interestingly enough, the word “share” actually has the largest impact on engagement signals. Comments get boosted by 2% above average, links, and views shoot up at a higher percentage than for the words “comment” or “link”. This shows “share” triggers that desire to be social and leads to more action overall.

Twitter Engagement:

The Twitter metrics are very interesting. The percentage of retweets actually skyrockets to an average of 50% by adding a simple “please ReTweet” to your message. “Please RT” comes in at 40%, whereas including neither leads to 10% retweets. Definitely an interesting metric in terms of generating engagement on Twitter. Something I’ll have to be sure to start doing myself J

Dan also found that the percentage of retweets per follower drastically increases when calls to action are included. For example, he found that adding two simple words, “please help”, led to a 160% increase in retweets per follower. Impressive!

Facebook Engagement:

Unlike with blogging, adding specific calls to action on Facebook directly improves the metrics for that specific action, but it has less impact on all engagement actions overall. There is still a slight improvement in other metrics, but it’s minimal.

I would recommend mixing up your use of words like “comment”, “like”, and “share” in order to get the most overall impact.


Check out the infographic below. It’s quite interesting how much of an impact calls to action still have for online marketing. I recommend starting to implement them in your next messages.

After checking out the infographic and leaving a comment, you can check out this massively in-depth guide with 30 Tactics For Increasing User Engagement on your own site.

Let me know in the comments your own experience with call to actions across social media. Have you seen an improvement in your own campaigns?

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